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22 November, 2017
Receptor for prostaglandin-E2 plays key role in atherosclerosis development   [read article]

21 November, 2017
Tongue reconstruction at University of Michigan   [read article]

20 November, 2017
Sales of soft drinks in U.S. increased dramatically in last twenty years   [read article]

19 November, 2017
Palatin reports preclinical study results of PL-3994 in respiratory tissue for asthma indications   [read article]

18 November, 2017
More alkaline diet strengthens skeletal health   [read article]

17 November, 2017
Diet may regulate obesity health risks, but genes decide, says new research   [read article]

16 November, 2017
Genetic variation in metabolism identified   [read article]

15 November, 2017
Diet rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease   [read article]

14 November, 2017
Scientists develop 'barcode chip' to revolutionize diagnostic medical testing   [read article]

13 November, 2017
Self-weighing and weight control behaviors among adolescents with a history of overweight   [read article]

12 November, 2017
Reduced-calories and exercise can modify a postmenopausal woman's risk of breast cancer   [read article]

11 November, 2017
Smoking linked to two forms of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer   [read article]

10 November, 2017
A large waistline doubles your risk of premature death   [read article]

09 November, 2017
Psychiatric illness linked to stillbirth and newborn deaths   [read article]

08 November, 2017
Maternal obesity can program fetal brain to induce adult-onset obesity   [read article]

07 November, 2017
Fatty acids may be the culprit in Alzheimer's   [read article]

06 November, 2017
Resveratrol shows promise for treating human alcoholic fatty liver disease   [read article]

05 November, 2017
Caffeine not associated with overall breast cancer risk   [read article]

04 November, 2017
Breast is best - the secrets of breast milk   [read article]

03 November, 2017
Top Sydney hospital appoints specialist to treat childhood obesity   [read article]

02 November, 2017
Coronary heart disease linked to problems with reasoning, vocabulary and verbal fluency   [read article]

01 November, 2017
Only 11% of children's food products provide good nutritional quality   [read article]

31 October, 2017
Combining medical knowledge to save lives   [read article]

30 October, 2017
Weekends can sabotage weight-control efforts   [read article]

29 October, 2017
Experts paint a depressing future for Australian diabetics   [read article]

28 October, 2017
New blood test reveals risk for metabolic syndrome   [read article]

27 October, 2017
It's official - there's a rogue fat gene!   [read article]

26 October, 2017
Keep children's health in mind   [read article]

25 October, 2017
Health warning from Britain about vitamin supplements   [read article]

24 October, 2017
Body mass often down to our genes   [read article]

23 October, 2017
First detailed look at the molecular pathways underlying sleep apnea   [read article]

22 October, 2017
Reducing kids' salt intake may lower soft drink consumption   [read article]

21 October, 2017
Men who are overweight or obese have lower PSA values, even before they get prostate cancer   [read article]

20 October, 2017
NSW bottom of the league when it comes to public health spending   [read article]

19 October, 2017
Alpha-linolenic acid good for dry eye syndrome   [read article]

18 October, 2017
New phenylketonuria (PKU) treatment offered at Hayward Genetics Center   [read article]

17 October, 2017
Everyone carries at least 1 type of pesticide   [read article]

16 October, 2017
The benefits of 30 minutes of exercise   [read article]

15 October, 2017
Message to the elderly: It's not too late to improve your health through diet and exercise   [read article]

14 October, 2017
$1.7 million grant to advance understanding of genetic influences on diabetes   [read article]

13 October, 2017
Improving health care for older adults   [read article]

12 October, 2017
FDA under pressure to do something about salt in foods   [read article]

11 October, 2017
Novo Nordisk to market Prandin (repaglinide)   [read article]

10 October, 2017
Discovery of master switch that regulates blood pressure   [read article]

09 October, 2017
Fertility diet   [read article]

08 October, 2017
Low-fat diet may decrease risk of ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women   [read article]

07 October, 2017
Current food labeling leads to under-consumption of calcium   [read article]

06 October, 2017
Cholesterol levels both high and low linked to premature births   [read article]

05 October, 2017
Any kind of exercise helps control diabetes but combo of aerobic and resistance training the best   [read article]

04 October, 2017
Effects of modified alternate-day fasting   [read article]

03 October, 2017
Byproduct of cholesterol interferes with the beneficial effects of estrogen on the heart   [read article]

02 October, 2017
No evidence that Aspartame non-nutritive sweetener causes cancer   [read article]

01 October, 2017
Tangerine peel extract kills certain cancer cells   [read article]

30 September, 2017
School-based obesity prevention program reduces harmful weight-control behaviors in adolescents   [read article]

29 September, 2017
Red wine for prostate cancer   [read article]

28 September, 2017
Women ignorant on cholesterol numbers   [read article]

27 September, 2017
FDA approves updated labeling for Warfarin (Coumadin)   [read article]

26 September, 2017
Children need a certain amount of fat in their diet   [read article]

25 September, 2017
Goats' milk healthier than cows' milk   [read article]

24 September, 2017
New Australian centre for obesity, nutrition, exercise and public health   [read article]

23 September, 2017
Electronic health records not associated with improved quality of outpatient health care   [read article]

22 September, 2017
Unhealthy teen diet increases asthma risk   [read article]

21 September, 2017
Lifestyle changes and prostate cancer   [read article]

20 September, 2017
Alogliptin for type 2 diabetes shows promise in early trial   [read article]

19 September, 2017
Obese heart attack patients more likely to survive after treatment than normal weight patients   [read article]

18 September, 2017
Eating smart, not eating less, may be the key to losing weight   [read article]

17 September, 2017
Facts about heart disease for women   [read article]

16 September, 2017
Regular aspirin intake only reduces incidence of colorectal tumors that overexpress COX-2   [read article]

15 September, 2017
Taking too many multivitamins may be linked to advanced prostate cancer   [read article]

14 September, 2017
Study looks at interest level of healthy, young adults in receiving genetic testing for common conditions   [read article]

13 September, 2017
Pistachio nuts protect the heart against disease   [read article]

12 September, 2017
Major new cancer research study   [read article]

11 September, 2017
Exercise pill switches on master regulator that controls the ability of cells to burn fat   [read article]

10 September, 2017
Decrease in breast cancer incidence linked to drop in HRT   [read article]

09 September, 2017
Omega-3 fatty acids protect against Alzheimer's   [read article]

08 September, 2017
Chromosomes tell tale of patient's risk for new, future cancer   [read article]

07 September, 2017
Investigational cancer 17-AAG drug targets critical proteins   [read article]

06 September, 2017
Scientists identify new molecule that may help regulate the delivery of fats to cells   [read article]

05 September, 2017
Women in the U.S. too tired for sex   [read article]

04 September, 2017
8 year old 88.9 kilogram boy in UK may be taken into care   [read article]

03 September, 2017
Are we as fit as the people of ancient Greece?   [read article]

02 September, 2017
New study on Body Dysmorphic Disorder   [read article]

01 September, 2017
Scientists identify gene called HTRA1 that contributes to a major risk of Age Related Macular Degeneration   [read article]

31 August, 2017
FDA approves Januvia for diabetes   [read article]

30 August, 2017
Mediterranean diet shown to protect against Alzheimer's   [read article]

29 August, 2017
Veggies good for eyesight as you age   [read article]

28 August, 2017
Just one meal high in saturated fat can reduce the ability of the body's "good" cholesterol   [read article]

27 August, 2017
Is that bowl of cereal such a healthy option?   [read article]

26 August, 2017
New diabetic drugs could change the future for sufferers   [read article]

25 August, 2017
Cigarette smoking and high cholesterol predict different forms of peripheral artery disease   [read article]

24 August, 2017
NIH panel says little benefit to be gained by taking multivitamin supplements   [read article]

23 August, 2017
Identification of CPT1c gene that the brain needs to manage body weight   [read article]

22 August, 2017
U.S. watchdog says Xenical should be withdrawn   [read article]

21 August, 2017
Pesticides more influential in causing cancer than previously thought   [read article]

20 August, 2017
Yale researchers identifiy a gene that protects the body against kidney stones   [read article]

19 August, 2017
Hostile women more likely to have atherosclerosis   [read article]

18 August, 2017
Study: Low-salt foods may be harder for some people to like than others   [read article]

17 August, 2017
Charles Darwin proven right on natural selection   [read article]

16 August, 2017
Low-carb diets effective, but may raise cholesterol levels   [read article]

15 August, 2017
Girls are catching up with boys in use of illicit substances   [read article]

14 August, 2017
Diet rich in whole-grain foods may lower heart disease risk in elderly people   [read article]

13 August, 2017
Leptin, brain and body weight   [read article]

12 August, 2017
Link between soft drinks and esophageal cancer debunked   [read article]

11 August, 2017
Magnesium intake positively associated with bone density   [read article]

10 August, 2017
New insights into pain mechanisms   [read article]

09 August, 2017
High blood pressure research advances efforts to tailor drugs to individual patients   [read article]

08 August, 2017
Hormone found naturally in the body has the ability to cause limited weight loss   [read article]

07 August, 2017
Diet rich in fruits and vegetables could be a good defense against prostate cancer   [read article]

06 August, 2017
Development of aggressive forms of prostate cancer may be influenced by environmental effects that occur early in life   [read article]

05 August, 2017
Scientists have discovered a new and potent anti-cancer compound in beans   [read article]

04 August, 2017
Aspirin use can significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer   [read article]

03 August, 2017
Dietary supplement chitosan shows some promise in treating obesity   [read article]

02 August, 2017
U.S. beverage industry praised for helping in childhood obesity battle   [read article]

01 August, 2017
Broccoli may help prevent bladder cancer   [read article]

31 July, 2017
Project to help millions of people avoid starvation   [read article]

30 July, 2017
British men refuse to recognise they are fat   [read article]

29 July, 2017
Elevated C-reactive protein can foil diet's ability to lower cholesterol   [read article]

28 July, 2017
Exposure to sunlight may decrease the risk of prostate cancer   [read article]

27 July, 2017
Vitamin B6 decreases risk of colorectal cancer   [read article]

26 July, 2017
Calorie restriction not the only way to increase longevity   [read article]

25 July, 2017
Patients with type 2 diabetes who participate in group education programs require less medication   [read article]

24 July, 2017
Nutritional composition of a mother??s breast milk may depend not just on her diet - but on her genes   [read article]

23 July, 2017
High nighttime blood pressure linked to increased blood sugar levels   [read article]

22 July, 2017
A simple spit test could predict cancers   [read article]

21 July, 2017
280 million pound package to transform the quality of school meals   [read article]

20 July, 2017
Chemists say they have identified a gene that appears to play a key role in the development of type 1 diabetes   [read article]

19 July, 2017
Surgical treatment of hip or knee arthritis does not reduce obesity   [read article]

18 July, 2017
Over-eating at an early age may stay well into adulthood   [read article]

17 July, 2017
Metabolic syndrome linked to carbohydrate-rich diet   [read article]

16 July, 2017
Study to compare traditional and spiritual post-heart attack recovery approaches   [read article]

15 July, 2017
Existing salt and hypertension guidelines obsolete   [read article]

14 July, 2017
European regulators should avoid excessive legislation when trying to tackle obesity   [read article]

13 July, 2017
What makes beer taste so darn good to men, but vile to most women?   [read article]

12 July, 2017
Health professionals fall short for Hepatitis C patients   [read article]

11 July, 2017
Sugary foods are making up a growing chunk of kids?? daily diets   [read article]

10 July, 2017
New research suggests that cancer cells can be reformed   [read article]

09 July, 2017
Low-dose estrogen therapy significantly reduced the progression of fatty buildup in the arteries leading to the heart   [read article]

08 July, 2017
A new study of Northwest women has found toxic flame retardants in the breastmilk of every woman tested   [read article]

07 July, 2017
Soy-rich foods could reduce the spread of breast cancer   [read article]

06 July, 2017
Sugar-sweetened beverages increase women's risk of developing type 2 diabetes   [read article]

05 July, 2017
Exposure to natural and man-made substances in the environment accounts for at least two-thirds of all the cases of cancer in the U.S.   [read article]

04 July, 2017
Important for physicians to identify patients at risk for hyperkalemia and implement corresponding measures when using ACE inhibitors   [read article]

03 July, 2017
New guidelines for water, salt and potassium intake of Americans   [read article]

02 July, 2017
Approval of cholesterol-lowering therapy Lipitor for the prevention of cardiovascular disease   [read article]

01 July, 2017
Ohio State budget cuts jeopardize medical coverage   [read article]

30 June, 2017
Kiwi fruit appears to be a significant food allergen capable of causing severe reactions   [read article]

29 June, 2017
Healthy fats and oils essential to satisfy calorie-conscious consumers   [read article]

28 June, 2017
Eating eggs does not increase risk of cardiovascular disease   [read article]

27 June, 2017
One-third of the calories in the US diet comprised of junk food   [read article]

26 June, 2017
Launch of Zorbtive for use in the treatment of patients with short bowel syndrome   [read article]

25 June, 2017
Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E are unlikely to prevent heart disease and other diseases such as cancer   [read article]

24 June, 2017
90's saw significant increase in blood pressure among children   [read article]

23 June, 2017
Weight loss and exercise regime helps osteoarthritis   [read article]

22 June, 2017
Untreated postmenopausal women with osteoporosis are at risk for first spinal fracture within one year   [read article]

21 June, 2017
Diets like Atkins could help prevent Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease   [read article]

20 June, 2017
Watch out Skippy, the meat of Australia's bush kangaroo may be the highest known source of the healthy fat CLA   [read article]

19 June, 2017
Dieting greatly reduces risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes   [read article]

18 June, 2017
Caffeine and children, some sound advice   [read article]

17 June, 2017
Study suggests ways to prevent prostate cancer   [read article]

16 June, 2017
Scientists shed light on the dark secret of Queen Hatshepsut's deadly medication   [read article]

15 June, 2017
Study finds water softener does not provide benefit to children with eczema   [read article]

14 June, 2017
North American children may be 'too clean'   [read article]

13 June, 2017
Natural remedy for eczema   [read article]

12 June, 2017
Positive results from DermaGen's Phase I/IIa AMP study of atopic dermatitis   [read article]

11 June, 2017
Positive data from Provectus Pharmaceuticals' psoriasis and atopic dermatitis trials   [read article]

10 June, 2017
Phase IIb/III clinical trial results of CINQUIL for pediatric EoE announced   [read article]

09 June, 2017
Vaccination can lower the risks of allergy in children   [read article]

08 June, 2017
One in five children have eczema   [read article]

07 June, 2017
It's a fact stress makes teens spotty!   [read article]

06 June, 2017
Pharmacists can drastically reduce patients worries about using steroids   [read article]

05 June, 2017
Having asthma, hay fever or another allergic condition may reduce the risk of developing Glioblastoma multiforme   [read article]

04 June, 2017
When breast augmentation or reduction cases are medically necessary   [read article]

03 June, 2017
FDA approves new smallpox vaccination   [read article]

02 June, 2017
HHS awards contracts totaling more than $232 million to fund development of new vaccines against smallpox, plague and tularemia   [read article]

01 June, 2017
Men with early-stage prostate cancer can benefit from short-term ADT, radiation therapy   [read article]

31 May, 2017
AMS signs research grant contract for six sites to evaluate vaginal prolapse repair techniques   [read article]

30 May, 2017
Testosterone therapy for prostate cancer needs reevaluation: New study   [read article]

29 May, 2017
Myriad Genetics' 46-gene PROLARIS molecular diagnostic test predicts prostate cancer outcome   [read article]

28 May, 2017
LadyBug Resource Group to acquire Men's Medical Corporation   [read article]

27 May, 2017
Palatin reports positive results from bremelanotide Phase 1 trial for sexual dysfunction   [read article]

26 May, 2017
BMS employees across Canada taking part in third annual Community Action Day   [read article]

25 May, 2017
Failure to seek help for ED could prevent detection of underlying cardiovascular disease   [read article]

24 May, 2017
Most men admitted for heart attack had erectile dysfunction   [read article]

23 May, 2017
Top ten myths about sex   [read article]

22 May, 2017
BioSante Pharmaceuticals applauds Boehringer Ingelheim for developing a therapy to treat HSDD   [read article]

21 May, 2017
Warner Chilcott initiates phase III trial of erectile dysfunction drug udenafil   [read article]

20 May, 2017
National Institutes of Health grants $12 million to WCDRC for obesity research   [read article]

19 May, 2017
Researchers examine safety of internet prescriber service providing erectile dysfunction medications   [read article]

18 May, 2017
FDA cracks down on dietary supplements   [read article]

17 May, 2017
Top 10 diseases by cost   [read article]

16 May, 2017
Taking Viagra will worsen sleep apnea   [read article]

15 May, 2017
Viagra boosts high altitude exercise up to 45% for some cyclists   [read article]

14 May, 2017
Erection problems may signal heart disease   [read article]

13 May, 2017
New bike seats help those with erectile dysfunction   [read article]

12 May, 2017
Viagra effectively treats urinary tract symptoms associated with prostate enlargement   [read article]

11 May, 2017
No evidence of increased risk of blindness among patients taking Viagra   [read article]

10 May, 2017
Scientists add an important piece to the intricate puzzle of type-1 diabetes   [read article]

09 May, 2017
Hypertension linked to severity of bipolar disorders   [read article]

08 May, 2017
20??30 percent of men worldwide are commonly affected by premature ejaculation (PE)   [read article]

07 May, 2017
Chronic pain affects marital communication and ability to cope   [read article]

06 May, 2017
Pico-Tesla commences pilot study of Magneceutical Therapy in fibromyalgia patients   [read article]

05 May, 2017
Communication breakdown exists between people with chronic pain, health care providers: Survey   [read article]

04 May, 2017
Chelsea Therapeutics' Phase III NORTHERA Study 301 meets primary endpoint   [read article]

03 May, 2017
Jazz Pharmaceuticals disappointed with FDA Advisory Committee recommendation for JZP-6 in fibromyalgia   [read article]

02 May, 2017
Chelsea Therapeutics announces new investigator to conduct phase II clinical study of Droxidopa   [read article]

01 May, 2017
Corvalen M introduced for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms   [read article]

30 April, 2017
Sunshine vitamin cures common health problems   [read article]

29 April, 2017
SAMHSA study shows how psychiatric drugs prescribed for medical conditions   [read article]

28 April, 2017
Findings from Study 305 evaluating the effect of Northera reported   [read article]

27 April, 2017
Research shows controlled breathing can reduce pain   [read article]

26 April, 2017
Drugs affecting the central nervous system effective against fibromyalgia, study finds   [read article]

25 April, 2017
Exercise and education improves function and symptoms in women with fibromyalgia   [read article]

24 April, 2017
Lilly submits Cymbalta NDA for generalized anxiety disorder   [read article]

23 April, 2017
Pioneer in infectious disease medicine shares his perspectives in new podcast series   [read article]

22 April, 2017
New drug candidate may halt mental decline of Alzheimer's   [read article]

21 April, 2017
Risk of breast cancer in the genetically predisposed   [read article]

20 April, 2017
New cost-effective liquid solution can help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria   [read article]

19 April, 2017
American Society of Hematology 2012 Scholar Awards announced   [read article]

18 April, 2017
Researchers identify first gene associated with frequent herpes-related cold sores   [read article]

17 April, 2017
Ambry Genetics deploys EMC Isilon scale-out NAS for gene sequencing   [read article]

16 April, 2017
Most people with Timothy syndrome mutation have autistic symptoms   [read article]

15 April, 2017
Are genes and hormones determinants of empathy and sensitivity in human nature?   [read article]

14 April, 2017
Budding yeast helps make useful predictions about the biology of individuals   [read article]

13 April, 2017
Study confirms link between CMV and mucoepidermoid carcinoma   [read article]

12 April, 2017
Mary Ann Liebert to launch Disruptive Science and Technology   [read article]

11 April, 2017
Scientists discover molecular basis for tamoxifen resistance and potential way to defeat it   [read article]

10 April, 2017
Dual imaging approach could improve diagnosis, treatment of coronary artery disease   [read article]

09 April, 2017
Research focuses on JQ1 molecule that tricks NUT midline carcinoma cancer cells   [read article]

08 April, 2017
Intracellular nucleic acid sensors can trigger autoimmune disease   [read article]

07 April, 2017
Study provides details on genetics behind many metabolic diseases   [read article]

06 April, 2017
Researchers design global plan for sustainable agriculture   [read article]

05 April, 2017
Affymetrix launches Axiom Pan-African Array   [read article]

04 April, 2017
Researchers discover new inherited disorder that causes mental retardation, liver dysfunction   [read article]

03 April, 2017
UTHealth doctoral student receives ASM, NIH research fellowships for E. coli study   [read article]

02 April, 2017
Scientists discover common genetic variants associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder   [read article]

01 April, 2017
Researchers identify new genetic cause of inherited Parkinson's disease   [read article]

31 March, 2017
Researchers identify 29 DNA sequence variations linked with blood pressure   [read article]

30 March, 2017
Black children more at risk for peanut allergy: Study   [read article]

29 March, 2017
Donald Danforth Center receives $11.9M funding for Virus Resistant Cassava for Africa project   [read article]

28 March, 2017
New book on Health Informatics   [read article]

27 March, 2017
DTU, TGen researchers pinpoint source of cholera outbreak in Haiti   [read article]

26 March, 2017
Researchers isolate 17 novel antibodies against HIV   [read article]

25 March, 2017
Customized computer models may identify patients at risk of Lynch syndrome   [read article]

24 March, 2017
La Jolla Institute's new RNAi Center to focus on genetics behind myriad diseases   [read article]

23 March, 2017
New study supports DNA-based 'biomarker' blood test for prostate cancer screening   [read article]

22 March, 2017
Researchers discover gene variant linked to meningiomas   [read article]

21 March, 2017
Ovarian cancer gene discovered   [read article]

20 March, 2017
Federal appeals court partially reverses ruling in BRCA patents case   [read article]

19 March, 2017
UCSF, Kaiser Permanente achieve first major milestone in genomics project   [read article]

18 March, 2017
Scientists identify new inherited form of Parkinson's disease   [read article]

17 March, 2017
LLS awards new SCOR grants valued at $12.5M for research in lymphoma and myeloproliferative neoplasms   [read article]

16 March, 2017
Researchers discover new gene linked to intellectual disability   [read article]

15 March, 2017
Three factors contribute to systemic scleroderma-related work disability   [read article]

14 March, 2017
Novartis Afinitor Phase III trial on tuberous sclerosis meets primary endpoint   [read article]

13 March, 2017
GWAS identifies 15 gene variants responsible for diversity of white blood cell counts   [read article]

12 March, 2017
Pill for rare ageing disease on the horizon   [read article]

11 March, 2017
McMaster researchers to use tiny worms for Parkinson's project   [read article]

10 March, 2017
Scientists uncover novel mechanism linked to Spinocerebellar ataxia 7   [read article]

09 March, 2017
Clinical guidelines for UC emergency medicine physicians   [read article]

08 March, 2017
Genentech, Astellas announce results of Tarceva Phase III study against advanced NSCLC   [read article]

07 March, 2017
Researchers identify 'epigenetic fingerprints' of healthy volunteers, patients with common diseases   [read article]

06 March, 2017
Elan, Proteostasis create innovative drug discovery initiative for neurodegenerative disorders   [read article]

05 March, 2017
Some African descent men may have higher genetic risk of developing prostate cancer   [read article]

04 March, 2017
Variant of obesity gene may increase breast cancer risk   [read article]

03 March, 2017
Golden Helix integrates CMC and KBAC methods of analyzing rare DNA sequence variants in SVS product   [read article]

02 March, 2017
Anti-cancer drug discovery partnership formed between UMMC Cancer Institute and Natural Products Center   [read article]

01 March, 2017
'Mu opioid' receptors in the brain linked to smoking relapse   [read article]

28 February, 2017
NewGene develops breakthrough test for hereditary breast cancer   [read article]

27 February, 2017
Researchers untangle two distinct ways in which tumor-suppressor protein works   [read article]

26 February, 2017
Study finds clear link between children conceived during winter and risk of autism   [read article]